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I'm Taylor See.

Brand Experience Specialist.

I'm looking for my next opportunity
to  help you
give your audience 
 something  to   remember.   

This is me

Behind every great brand is a compelling story about the times we live in and the people within them. A story that excites and invigorates, or inspires and encourages. One that stops people in their tracks and makes them think. One that moves people and calls them to action. And most significantly, one that resonates with them in a lasting way. Finding the most impactful way to tell that story is where I come in.

Brand Strategy   Product Development    Project   Management    Event Planning    Public Speaking 

Vendor  Management   Client & Account Services 

 Engagement Strategy   Graphic Design
Corporate Communications   Marketing
Management   Presentation Design & Pitching   

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I help companies create and execute brand and product experiences. 

Your brand is much more than simply your logo alone  –  it is the story that your customers tell about you about you when you aren’t in the room. Using my experiences as both a brand manager and a product developer, I work with clients to help them express the 360-degree story of their brand in a way that lands effectively with the audience at hand.  From defining who and what your company should represent on a foundational level to helping you realize that identity through touchpoints such as merchandise, events,  corporate programming, print collateral, and beyond, I thrive on elevating brand and product concepts in ways that are strategically designed to be unique,  interactive, inspiring, and most significantly, keep you top of mind among your customers when it matters most.  

Clients &

I've had the privilege of working with dozens of incredible clients over the years. From the scope of work  to the uniqueness of the project's ask to the mission behind the company's initiative, here are a few standouts:

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TKE Logo (White).png

Recent Projects

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