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I help turn moments into magic. 

Having been called "creative," "resourceful," "enterprising," and "driven,"  I am the perfect choice for initiatives and organizations that require a versatile manager capable of wearing many hats with ease. A self-proclaimed “expression-engineer,” I live at the intersection of business and design, and thrive on generating creative ways to help clients “show and tell” the best versions of themselves by elevating their projects, products, touchpoints, and communications in out-of-the-box ways that are both unique and quantifiably effective.


An experience specialist by day and a public speaker by night, I have been tasked with executing projects and events in a variety of spaces throughout my career, and have had the distinct privilege of being able to leverage my expertise to help dozens of clients bring their various visions to life. My experience working with people, brands, vendors, and productions in almost exclusively entrepreneurial environments has given me a well-rounded communication and task-management skillset that clients have put to use in many areas – from brand identity development to designing marketing materials to innovating exciting corporate programs to sourcing merchandise and beyond! However, no matter the project, I always operate with one goal in mind: to ensure that your organization is presented in a way that people won’t soon forget.

Tanyah Hope | Producer, Actor's Express Theatre

" Working with Taylor See was such a surreal and wonderful experience. When I explained my overall vision, she got it immediately! I've never worked with someone who has such a deep understnading of how to bring such a huge  event to life! I am so proud to say that I had a chance to work with her and I'm looking forward to our next project."

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