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Bounty Program

ARRRguably most fun sales competition of the year

This ultra-creative client came to me with a mission - to energize their North American 3rd Party Growth sales team after a period of stagnation. They also came with a theme in mind - pirates! The ask was to help them execute a program that would excite the team, create a little friendly competition, and ultimately, galvanize them into knocking their sales goals out of the park! The result? The Bounty Program!

Every sales manager employed across the country received a pirate-themed treasure box, complete with a beer stein, decorative "gold" filler, and a wax-sealed letter that directed them to the next step on how to find and earn their "bounty." Over the course of the year, each sales person worked their way through a series of clues and prizes distributed by the company's brand managers, and each step further incentivized the next. Ultimately, it ended up being a fun and highly effective program! Not only did it have a significant impact on the company's 3rd party growth in the fiscal year that it was created per the VP of Technical Services...but it was such a hit that they requested to do it the next year as well!

Key Skills: Engagement Strategy, Vendor Management, Logistics, Program Management

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