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M&G "Good Day" Kits


ALL. ECO-FRIENDLY. EVERYTHING!!! This was what UK-based investment firm M&G asked for when they tasked me with coming up with a kit to send out to their remote employees during the throes of COVID-19. As was the case with many businesses during those unprecedented times, M&G was dealing with a crisis of low morale among its employees and was looking for a nice gift to send out to personnel that had to go remote due to the pandemic. On the surface, this should have been a simple ask, however, it ended up being one of my most challenging projects to date. This is because M&G was undergoing changes both aesthetically (new logo! New colors! New brand guidelines!), and also in terms of company-wide initiatives. They had recently decided to make sustainability a key pillar of their revised brand image, and thus any and all collateral that came from M&G had to be eco-friendly in some way, shape, or form.

As a Prius-driving tree-hugger who used to work for environmental engineers, I was excited to take on the task! However, soon into my research on the perfect products for their specific needs, I quickly learned that UK sustainability standards and USA sustainability standards were entirely different. At first gance, we didn't have a ton on this side of the ocean that met their rigorous standards. However, after years of work in the promotional products game, I had a few tricks up my sleeve (*wink*)! I was able to broaden my search and pull some favors from a couple of my Canadian vendor friends, whose green-consciousness more closely mirrored that of the client. The result was the "Good Day" Kit - a collection of feel-good office home items designed to unify the remote staff, inspire prouctivity, and spark just a little bit of eco-friendly joy! Everything in the kit, even down to the packaging, was either recyclable, made from recycled materials, biodegradable, compostable, or benefited charity in some way. To this day, I regard this as one of the most rewarding projects I've ever completed.

Key Skills: Vendor Management, Logistics, Client Services, Graphic Design, Product Development, Presentation Design

Power in Numbers


1,000 kits shipped domestically


2,000 kits shipped internationally


Project united employees across 12 countries

Project Gallery

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