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A Sunscreen for Generation Z

This project came about while I was working on the Brand Strategy team at a branding agency, CBX, in New York as a graduate intern. The intern team and I were challenged to come up with an innovative new sunscreen product concept for Gen Z, and to present the product and its rationale from soup to nuts. As the team's resident brand strategist, I first uncovered the essential key insights that led to our ultimate end product. And as the team lead, using said insights, I was able to creatively guide my fellow teammates, comprised of designers and account managers, to create SPFFY, a sunscreen and beauty brand perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of the female members of Generation Z.

SPFFY taps into Gen Z's desire for bespoke goods by asking potential customers to take a "skin quiz" on their website, directing the customer to the perfect combination of products for their unique needs. The website serves as a tool that educates Gen Zers about beauty and sun health in their own accessible down-to-earth language, as well as provides a digital community in which customers are able to connect with each other. The products get delivered straight to the cusomer's doorstep, and are not only made of materials that are safe to the ecologial environments and organisms most impacted by sunscreen wearers, but also have a fun element of expression build right into the packaging - the packaging is "scratchable," and customers are encouraged to scratch (draw) designs into it to make it their own! If that isn't cool enough, when exposed to sunlight, the bottom of each product changes color to reflect the level of sun rays present at any given time. Though this was just a product concept , I have to say, I wish it existed in real life! And with the advent of recent similar brands, like Il Makiage coming to the forefront of the beauty industry, I would say the team and I were ahead of our time!

Key Skills: Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Market Research, Product Innovation, Competitive Analysis, Presentation Design, Positioning, Copywriting

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