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Thyssenkrupp Web Store

A UK to USA Digital Merchandising Journey

This project came accross my desk after Thyssenkrupp, a Germany-based industrial engineering firm, sought to replicate the web store that they were using for their UK teams in the United States. Their current shop had about 70 SKUs that were offered on the site, ranging from office supplies to apparel, to food items, and even to sporting goods! And my task was to find the American equivalent of every last one.

Fortutnately, using some handy tools of the trade, I was able to source and stock every item on the list per the assignment. And what's more, I eventually took over management of the website entirely. As both Thyssenkrupp's Account Manager as well as Web Store Manager, I became responsible for all digital merchandising components of the web shop, to include product selection, pricing, web banner design, mockups, web copy, and inventory maintenence. It was an involved job, but I was grateful for it - having my hands on so many areas of product execution was a grand education in e-commerce that continues to serve me to this day!

Power in Numbers


72 SKUs replicated on the American Version of the site


Average of 10 items purchased per order


$120,078.30 in sales earned the first year

Project Gallery

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