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For as long as I can remember, I have had a particular knack for expression. It has shown up in several forms throughout my lifetime, but one of the most pronounced ways in which I learned to communicate effectively was through the written word. In fact, when I was a child, while other kids were outside learning tricks on their razor scooters, I was indoors, obsessively penning what I was sure would be the world’s next great novel (and screenplay…and breakthrough speech…and award-worthy essay).


While I did not, in fact, go on win any Pulitzers by the end of high school (much to the dismay and chagrin of my 13 year-old self), I did go on to study different forms of writing at a young age as a member of several different communications-oriented organizations, and even began my career as a journalist. But I soon discovered that there was something that moved me even more than my innate passion for verbal expression – and that was a deep desire to help others express themselves as well.


I have spent over 15 years a tutor, and I help people from ages 12-65 process, write, and edit works that not only achieve, but surpass, their desired results. From drafting persuasive essays to writing stirring speeches to editing corporate emails to designing and sound boarding presentations, I have had the opportunity to assist with it all; and somewhere between my school-aged kiddos, collegiate scholars, corporate execs, creative types, and those with whom an ink pen should not be trusted (*wink*), I learned how to adapt my communication and writing style to suit the specific needs of each student. It’s a process that seems to work for me – I have earned a 4.9 rating on my site, and have clocked over 400 hours in my quest to help people learn to communicate as effectively as possible!


For a deeper dive, feel free to visit my page at

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Taylor was an amazing tutor. She clarified the thinking keys of my project and she is very skillful in terms of thesis and researching methods. I recommend that students who write in the communication field  consultant her.


Communications Graduate Student,
13 Lessons with Taylor

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I highly recommend Taylor as a tutor. Taylor diligently worked with me to improve my writing structure. Taylor is versatile in adapting her teaching style to meet specific individual learning styles. She is an awesome tutor and has made a tremendous difference in the success of my educational journey. 


Marketing Graduate Student,
50 + Lessons with Taylor

Smiling Girl

Taylor is a fantastic tutor. She is very energetic and good at keeping you engaged. She's also very friendly and will help you reach your  goals!


College Senior,
9 Lessons with Taylor

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